Using a laptop with a small screen size and FHD resolution or higher, the displayed content will be small if you watch it from a distance. Therefore, I often use the trick Zoom In Screen to easily read the content and avoid eye strain.

On Windows, there are a few ways you can Zoom In screen and still keep display sharp. If you use a monitor that has an FHD or higher resolution, you can refer to this article to Zoom In screen more.

Scale and layout

This feature is available and located in Windows 10’s Settings. Which, Screen will default to highest resolution that it supports (Display resolution) and scale is 100%. Therefore, you can zoom in or zoom out screen with 1 of these 2 settings.

Change the size of text, apps, and other items

If your screen is scaling at 100%. And you see the content displayed small, you can adjust the scale higher than 100% to zoom in.

You should adjust scale according to Recommended Windows for the best visual display. For example, in my case, zoom in to 125%.

In addition, Windows offers the option of Advanced scaling settings. This setting makes it possible to scale optionally from 100-500. If you use this setting, you’ll need to Sign Out for Windows to apply the change.

Display Resolution

By using Display Resolution, you need to make adjustments to lower the screen resolution to a lower level.

For example, with an FHD (1920 x 1080) display you can drop it down to HD (1366 x 768).

After changing the resolution, your screen will be zoom In and the screen sharpness may be blurred. Because at this time, it has reduced resolution from FHD to HD.

Also, if you have a situation that the screen is small, it does not display the full screen. You can go to the Intel Graphics Command Center, customize the Scale to Maintain Aspect Ratio.

Use the Magnifier tool

Unlike using Scale Settings as above, use Magnifier when you toggle instant zoom in and out when needed.

When activated Magnifiter will have a small window for you to adjust the magnification percentage. When set to> 100%, the screen will zoom In completely.

So, to open Magnifier, go to Start and find the Magnifier tool.

Once activated, your computer screen will be zoom by the percentage installed on Magnifier.

You can Zoom In or Zoom Out by click on ➕, ➖. In addition, Magnifier has an interesting feature of reading content. To use this feature, highlight the text and click on ▶.

📝Switch back to 100% or click on ✖ button to turn off the Magnifier.

Zoom in on Web content

Every web browser has a percentage screen zoom feature. And you can find it in browser’s menu. But in general, some browsers like Chrome, Firefox or browsers that use the Chromium kernel, you can use keyboard shortcuts such as:

  • Ctrl + [+] to Zoom In
  • Ctrl + [-] to Zoom Out.
  • Or Ctrl + [Scroll Wheel]


OK! Above are some ways to help you can zoom Windows screen.

Hope the article is useful to you.

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