When you ask someone for help fixing errors related to software or applications on PC. The easiest way for a supporter to understand error is to send him a few screenshots of the error.

So how to capture full screen or just a corner of the PC screen? This article will share with you 4 ways to take screenshots most common and easily in Windows 10.

#1 Using [SHIFT + Windows + S] keys combination

When pressing [SHIFT + Windows + S] keys combination, Windows will automatically switch to pinning screen and appear “+” sign, then you can drag to select area to capture.

This method is really useful, it helps you can take a screenshot of the context menu when right-clicking or the screen of the Start window.

#2/ Using [ALT + PRTSC] keys combination

With this type of screenshot, Windows will help you take a screenshot of the last active application screen.

For example, you have opened the Chrome, and then open Windows Explorer. When you press [ALT + PRINT SC], it will capture screen of Windows Explorer. When you switch back to Chrome and take a screenshot, Windows will capture Chrome’s screen.

#3/ Using [PRT SC] key

This way you probably know how to use it, when you press [PRINT SC] at any time, Windows will capture full screen. And if you use OneDrive, it will automatically save to folder: … OneDrive \ Pictures \ Screenshots.

#4/ Snipping Tool

Is a tool available in Windows Accessories. Snipping Tool can capture full screen or just a corner of the PC screen.

Snipping Tool also includes basic image editing tools. And in Windows 10, it’s Snip & Sketch tool.

After capture, you can use Snip & Sketch to draw or make notes of the information before you save or send it.

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