Windows Taskbar, an important component of Windows. It helps us to manage, move and multitask between application screens more conveniently. So perhaps taskbar customization such as position, size of the application icons or color of taskbar is of much concern.

Customize taskbar Windows 10

Taskbar Window 10 has many customizable components. And in this article, I will share with you how to customize color, icon position between Taskbar, small icons and increase number of taskbar icon display rows.

Customize Color Taskbar

To access Taskbar settings on Windows 10, right click on Taskbar and select Taskbar settings.

Switch Choose your color to Custom

Then you will have your own selections for each Light / Dark option or you can change colors according to Recent colors or Windows colors.

📃To apply above changes to Taskbar. You need to check on options

  • Start, Taskbar, and action center.
  • Title bars and window borders.

Move icons to center of Taskbar

By default, Windows will arrange application icons on Taskbar in order you open and start from left to right.

On Windows, it is possible to move application icons to center of Taskbar. To do this, you can refer to the following

1-Right click on Taskbar and uncheck Lock the taskbar.

2- Click on the arrow Show hidden icons. Open the menu from Toolbars and choose Links.

3- The Links tool will appear on the right side of Taskbar and drag it back to the left side of Taskbar.

4- The Links tool was completely left. And application icons will be moved to the right. Similarly, move the icons to center of Taskbar by dragging.

5- Finish, the icons will be moved to center of Taskbar.

User small taskbar Button.

If you move icons to center, it would be better to shrink icons and increase the number of rows to display more icon on Taskbar.

Small Icon

In Taskbar, turn on Use small taskbar buttons.

Immediately, Taskbar will be scaled down by half from the original.

Expanded Windows Taskbar row

If you have removed Lock the taskbar as above, then to increase number of rows displayed on Taskbar. You can move the mouse pointer to top edge of Taskbar and drag up to expand rows or drag down to narrow.

Also, if you want to display full application name instead of just the icon. Then go to Taskbar Settings -> Takbar and change the Combine taskbar buttons to When taskbar is full.


OK! Above are some ways you can apply to customize Windows Taskbar to be beautiful and suitable for your Windows usage habits.

Hope this article useful for you.

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