The displayed Date & Time format will be defaulted according to when you install Windows Region. But, if you want to customize parameters such as AM / PM, 12/24 for easier viewing or you want to customize default Windows Datetime format for applications like Excel or other applications (only applications use Windows’s default format) then Customize Format available on Windows will help.

Change Date & Time Format in Windows 10.

To adjust the format of displaying Date and Time on Widnows 10. Please refer to the following steps in order. You can refer to following steps in order.

First of all, go to Settings of Windows 10 [Windows + I] and look for the keyword “Control Panel“.

Then, select Control Panel.

In Control panel, choose Region option.

On the next screen, you will see the Date & Time format that Windows is using. Now, try changing: Short date, Short Time…. options and click Apply.

As a result, you will be able to change Windows Date & Time display format.

But if, the available options do not meet the intent then you should go to Additional settings … There will be two more custom time and date to choose.

Customize Date & Time format

At Tab Time, you will be able to customize Time format display according to the descriptive parameters of Windows. You can customize parameters at boxs: Short time / Long Tim / AM symbols / PM symbols. And remember to click Apply to apply changes.

Also custom display Date, switch to Tab Date. Just like the Time format, Date format has its own parameters. You can customize at boxes: Shirt date / Long Date. And don’t forget to click Apply to apply changes.

With steps above, I have customized the display Date & Time format according to the desired intention.

Hope this article is useful to you.

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