Every time you log in to your Gmail account on Android, it is automatically added to your Account as well. After that, account can synchronize data, images, Web history …

However, if you find that some of these accounts are no longer needed and wanna delete it from your Android device, the way in this article will help you.

Remove google account in Android

To delete a Google account in Android. The simplest way, you can open Gmail app, and then go to Menu and select Settings.

Next, touch the 3 dots on top right corner of the Gmail screen. Choose Manage Accounts.

In Account sscreen, you will have a list of existing Google accounts.

Select an account you want to delete from your Android, you will be moved to another screen.

If you choose REMOVE ACCOUNT, your account will be deleted from Android.

Note: This will delete account from your Android device, not a permanent deletion of your Google account.

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